Waste Disposal & Recycling

Waste Disposal and Recycling Hours: Saturdays 8am-12pm

Town residents and property owner’s may bring their household trash and recycling to the Franklin Town Hall- W16177 County Road C, Taylor, WI 54659 - on Saturday’s from 8:00 AM- 12:00 PM.

Recently, the board voted to have a sign-in sheet including property owner/residents name and address to verify the service is being used for people who do own property or live in the Town of Franklin.  Please remember to sign-in each Saturday that you come to dispose of waste and recycling.

Materials accepted include household garbage, regular recycling and cardboard.  (See below for items that may be recycled)

Household garbage should be placed in the compactor.  It is then transported to the Excel incinerator in La Crosse at a substantial cost to the Town of Franklin.

Electronics and non-household garbage should not be disposed of at the town. Building materials should NOT be disposed of using the town dumpster!

Recycling Reminders

  • Rinse out all containers and remove caps when possible
  • Sort out aluminum cans from other plastic and metal recycling
  • Open and flatten all cardboard
  • Wrap all loose papers/newspapers with string or twine

The following items are recyclable in the Town of Franklin and may be co-mingled. They MUST be clean, caps removed and collapsed to reduce volume:

Glass - Food and beverage bottles, jars.

Plastics - #1 through #7.  Check the triangle label on the item for type

Metals - (if not contaminated by a residual chemicals or oil) collected in a special labeled dumpster at the Town Shop.  Non-metallic components should be separated from all metals prior to recycling.

Aerosol and Paint Cans - Need to be empty and dry with lids removed

Newspaper, Phone Books, Magazines and Glossy Paper - May be placed in brown paper bags and placed in the recycling dumpster.

Additional Recycling Items:

Cardboard - Corrugated or ribbed cardboard ONLY.  Boxes must be broken down, flattened and tied with twine.  Bundles should be less than 2 X 4 ft.

Fluorescent Bulbs and Rechargable Batteries - May be recycled at the Jackson County Recycling Center

Oil Filters - accepted at Wal-Mart stores and O’Reilly Auto Supply Centers

Demolition and Remodeling Refuse - These items are the responsibility of the owner or contractor.  The Town of Franklin CANNOT accepted this material.  Please rent a dumpster or contact the Jackson County Zoning Department at (715) 284-0220 for a list of resources.

Special Items that are recyclable:

Batteries - rechargeable batteries, alkaline, lithium and cell phones are accepted at Scholze’s Ace Home Center, 133 County Road A, Black River Falls.  A minimal fee is required for the disposal of alkaline and lithium batteries.

Jackson County Zoning conducts regular collections for tires, electronics, and medications.  Contact them at (715) 284-0220 for the schedule.

If you have any questions regarding what can or cannot be disposed of, please contact the Town of Franklin at (608) 525-3004.